Security is one of the basic values of modern society.

The crime situation in the country is becoming more tense, and there are fewer prejudices and illusions. That is why private security services are relevant to a growing number of individuals and legal entities every year. Not only businessmen and their enterprises, but even schools and kindergartens are guarded round the clock by specialized services.

Unfortunately, where situations involving danger to property and health are concerned, it is difficult to objectively calculate the risks and understand what the means of insurance are against theft, robbery or attack. Often, business owners provide a minimum of measures sufficient for relative peace of mind for the safety of assets, hiring a watchman, installing an alarm system. Or they pay for the standard services of a security company with convenient rates.

Meanwhile, statistics shows that such a formal attitude to the issue of security is tantamount to ignoring it. The services of a security agency do not guarantee peace of mind.

Here is a picture of crimes of one “black” day – March 10, 2012. Eight attacks on guarded objects in Moscow. In 3 of 8 episodes, the criminals used firearms. In 6 of 8 cases – serious property losses for business owners. In all 8 cases – security guards were unable to resist the attackers. Security guards were disarmed and tied up.

100% inability of PSCs to protect clients – how could this happen? This question was asked not only by the aggrieved business owners, but also by the law enforcement, who did a thorough check and found out the reasons. There were three such reasons. The first was that the private security services did not include the development of a security strategy, there were organizational errors. The second – the weak fortification of objects, problems with the technical provision of security and, finally, the third – the provision of security services was formal, the PSCs ignored the agreements with the customers.

Who can we entrust our security to? Is it at all possible to consider private security services or is the only way out – the departmental security by the employees of the Interior Ministry? After all, it is not always acceptable for a business that prefers to stay away from law enforcement agencies, even though it is legal and “clean”. And the provision of security services by “employees” is much more difficult to control, to manage the process.

Indeed, much of the firms in the market is headed by random people who are incompetent in the field of security, and opened a “one-day” with the thought of making a quick buck. The State’s attempts to control the industry immediately lead to the appearance of new legal “loopholes” allowing to offer the services of a security company with minimum registered capital, to hire staff with the aim of “turnover” of personnel, without investing in technical equipment and staff training.

Cooperation with such a PSC is fraught with not only “failure” of the security system at an object, but also a direct threat to the property. It is no secret that many crimes and thefts from sites are committed upon a “tip-off” from security guards or even by the guards themselves, among whom there are definitely criminal elements and people with criminal record.

Services of security companies should be transparent. Only full observance of all necessary conditions of cooperation will minimize the risks of business owners. Licensed security guards are automatically checked against the Interior Ministry database, they have the necessary skills for security activity, they know how to handle special means, weapons and have the right to do so. The security firm must have these means and weapons, as well as a special room for their storage. The head of a private security organization has no right to hold public office, and the founders – “take” the firm offshore, depriving the client the opportunity to challenge the actions of security guards in court, to recover for theft, damage to property or health.

A good indicator is the firm’s longevity in the market. Not less than 10 years of experience testifies to the stability and reliability of the company and the competence of its management and staff. For example, PSC “HONS-O” of ITI Group, one of the market leaders, has been operating for over 10 years. And the new clients of the holding understand that the security services are provided on a high professional level, the staff of this security agency is manned by proven professionals suitable for solving a wide range of tasks, and ITI has all the necessary technical means to ensure security at the facility.

The provision of security services does not end with the posting of posts at the sites.
It also starts with something else – with the correct assessment of threats, both external and internal, the identification of vulnerabilities, the development of an integrated security concept – a system of protection of the enterprise or individual. And in this respect, the reputation of the firm and its solidity are not always enough. The breadth of the range of services and capabilities becomes important.

For example, the ITI Private Security Company is a subdivision of a powerful holding company, all the activities of which are related to security. This means that the client can be sure of the necessity and thoroughness of the recommended measures and that the ITI will promptly find an effective solution to any emergency, involve analysts, technical service and lawyers and react immediately and correctly.

Choosing a PSC, follow the main rule – trust professionals with experience. Remember that the security company services are a complex of well-considered measures of material, informational, economic and physical security which are efficient only under the control of a strong security organization that don’t give in to the circumstances.

Summary on the choice of a PSC:

  1. Trust companies with solid experience
  2. Demand all necessary licenses, certificates, other documents confirming the right of the organization and its employees to provide security services
  3. Take care to design a protection system that is not limited to two or three standard measures
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