The year 2021, the year of the “White Metal Bull,” has come to an end. Very soon it will pass the baton to the new year of the Blue Tiger.

What was the year like? Was it unusual and bright, impetuous and unpredictable, the year of great deeds and events, as astrologers described it? One thing is indisputable, for many it was another test of fortitude, integrity and the ability to keep one’s word.

For our company it has become a test of strength, hardened and further consolidated the team, opened up new perspectives.

We have once again seen that the strength, resilience and reliability of ITI Group of Companies – is the merit of a cohesive team and the values on which the company was based.

Such qualities as decency, ability to keep the word, patience were in the price at the “Year of the Bull”. All of them, undoubtedly, are the basic principles guiding the ITI Group of Companies in its work.

In the past year we have gained invaluable experience, strengthened partnership relations and built a strategy for further development.

According to astrologists, the forthcoming year of the “Blue Tiger” will be bright, full of events and sharp turns. Blue is considered one of the most fickle colors in the East, which means we need to be ready for changes.

The last two years have proven that our team is ready for the swift turns of the changing world that the new reality brings. We know how to solve arising difficulties and prevent possible risks. We can cope with tasks of any complexity and are not afraid of change.

Time will show what the coming year will be for us, but we are sure that it will be eventful and present us with new friends and partners!

Dear friends, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Let the year be easy and generous with good events for everyone!

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