This year our company was looking forward to the arrival of spring not only because the sun shines particularly brightly during this period, but also because this spring the annual Securika Moscow exhibition was to take place – Russia’s largest exhibition of technical means of security and equipment for security and fire protection.

This time the exhibition was held from April 12 to 15, 2022 in the IEC Crocus Expo and presented several areas:

  • “Video surveillance” presented analog and digital video surveillance cameras, high-speed dome cameras, optics for cameras, control TV and video equipment, monitors, multiplexers, equipment for receiving, processing and recording of video information and TV signal, analog, digital and network video recorders, IP-cameras, IP-servers, license plate recognition systems, video management software, TV-monitoring, slow motion, cameras and night vision systems, video traffic control systems, as well as additional equipment and accessories.
  • “Access control” means access control and management systems, automatic electric and mechanical barriers, gates, doors, gates, turnstiles, checkpoints, identification and authentication technologies, card production, personalization and engineering, terminals, readers and software.
  • “Alarm and notification” are integrated security systems, security alarm and alert systems, communications equipment and systems, data protection equipment and monitoring systems.
  • “Perimeter security” exhibitors present engineering protection and technical reinforcement equipment, detectors, active and passive optical and electronic perimeter sensors, perimeter fences and fences, retractable automatic hydraulic, electric and mechanical barriers, additional protection equipment and cable networks, armored complexes and anti-theft devices.
  • “Fire protection” participants demonstrate fire extinguishing and fire alarm systems, fire-fighting equipment, as well as fire-resistant and fire-extinguishing substances and mixtures.
  • “Building Automation. Smart Home” systems” is the section where the systems and means of building management, communication, power and lighting systems, integrated security systems, wiring products and cables are presented.

The exhibition brought together leading specialists of the industry, manufacturers and suppliers. Different events and trainings lasted during the whole period of the event.

Our company’s specialists found the “video surveillance” section the most interesting. It presented the novelties that can be used to improve our work. We also visited the most interesting events related to our sphere of activity. Thanks to the fact that a huge number of manufacturers (both small and large) gather at the exhibition, we have the opportunity to choose. We can understand where the industry is heading.

In general, if we do not take into account the fact that, due to the current difficult situation in the country it is difficult for suppliers to predict the final cost of some products they liked, our visit to the exhibition was nothing but positive.

Thanks to the organizers of Securika Moscow, we are looking forward to the next exhibition!

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